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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Carnival – Las Vegas Engagement Photographer

I had the opportunity to get together with a group of other photographers in town this past weekend.  It is a great time to talk, learn and get to know each other better.  Did I mention we also get to shoot some amazing photos too?  Here are some pictures of the beautiful couple I got to work with.

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Thanks to all of the people who helped put this shoot together!

Cherie Hogan (Head Visionary/Photo Stylist), Michellene Mikesell (Brittney and Ila's hairpieces) - Check her stuff out, she does amazing pieces at very affordable prices!, Timmy's Yummys (Balloons) ,  Faith Vibbert (Ila's dress) , Inga Nataya (Brittney's dress)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Good, the Bad and the Cranky!

So yesterday I tried to get two of my kids to let me take pictures of them.  Let me just say that there was some resistance.  They are what sparked my obsession with photography from the beginning and I feel that I have gotten away from documenting their childhood, so you will be seeing a little more of them here on my blog.  The good, the bad and the cranky.  Looks like someone needed a nap!!  Poor thing.  I can’t help but think she is just so beautiful even when she is crying.



Monday, September 20, 2010

New Newborn! – Las Vegas Newborn Photographer

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New! – Las Vegas Portrait Photographer

Meet my new friend Torey, she is fun and beautiful and needs absolutely no direction when it comes to being completely flawless in my camera.  Not only did I have a ton of fun on this shoot but she even showed up in style.  She was escorted by a posse of Harleys.  Too cool right?  Not only that, Torey is a Singer.  Look out!  Have fun checking out our super exclusive photo shoot.

011L 017  019L023L 024L007L 027L

sleepy boy!!! - Las Vegas Children's Photographer

It doesn’t happen very often where I can actually catch one of my children asleep. Especially during nap time when the slightest sound might awaken them from their slumber.  I caught my middle child today looking so peaceful I ran fast on my tiptoes into the other room to grab my camera….caught him just in time.  Kudos to me!  Couldn’t resist sharing, he is just two years old and now I can remember him this way forever.  Cheers!


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Find me in Print! –Las Vegas Photographer

So, I have a very exciting story to share.  A few months back you might remember the social media campaign shoot that I did.  It was a Vegas style shoot by the pool.  Well, by collaborating with en.gauge media, my images actually went to print in the local Business Builders magazine along with en.gauge media’s featured article on social media!  Get your hands on one and check it out!


Prentice Sleeping &  Print Ad 041 Prentice Sleeping &  Print Ad 039 001 trishblogyello600x600

Monday, September 13, 2010

I heart Faces {Week 37: Vroom! Vroom! Photo Challenge} – Las Vegas Portrait Photographer

I had the opportunity to shoot this beautiful singer recently, who knew the "I heart faces" theme would be so perfect? More to come from this amazing shoot!



Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Just One Look!– Las Vegas Portrait Photographer

I am sure that every once in a while something  just strikes you.  Stops you dead in your tracks, grabbing your attention and making you feel some emotion.  Well, this picture pretty much sums that up for me.  I feel like the subject is so engaging that I can’t help but feel that comfortable happy feeling I try to evoke in my photos just by looking at her.   I can feel so many different emotions with just one look. What kind of picture stops you in your tracks?  Is it edgy, romantic, happy or fun…or is it a mix of those things?  This picture just speaks to me right now although it is just plain simple.  I am looking to simplify my life and I am realizing that maybe this picture says more about what I am feeling than the subject is (although whatever she is thinking about looks pretty good too.) 018l

Saturday, September 4, 2010

UP!!! – Las Vegas Portrait Photographer

I was able to shoot the fabulous local photographer Cherie Hogan and her cute family a little while back.  Just getting around to blogging it.  This part of the shoot was so much fun!  up up and away!

006L 007L  008L 009L 


Newborn Preview! – Las Vegas Portrait Photographer

This little baby girl is 10 days old.  I usually tell parents that the magic timeframe for newborn pics is anywhere from 10-14 days.   This is usually when the baby still has that newborn look and right around the time when the umbilical cord falls off.  Oh so perfect that this little baby’s fell off in the last 24 hours.  Perfect timing!  Here is a quick shot!