This is a place for me to express myself as a photographer the way I see life. The blog will keep you updated on my latest happenings and will let you get to know me better. Enjoy!



What if I want to print the pictures myself after purchasing the high resolution collection?

With purchase of the high resolution collection I am fully aware that many people would like to and are capable of printing their own images to display in their home. However, I keep my printing prices very low to offer you the flexibility to archive your full images on disc without compromising the print quality that ends up on your walls. Most computer screens display images differently and so do different photo lab printers. Many times printers from regular photo labs alter the clarity and coloring of the images and what you see is NOT what you get. My monitor and editing is set to my specific printing profiles and the details and coloring of the image will be kept intact when you print through me.

How long will it take for my photos to be finished?

I take great care in making sure that your images are finished well and are done so in a timely manner. Depending on my current schedule and availability I try to finish most regular portrait sessions within two to three weeks time. Weddings or larger events may take up to four to five weeks depending on the length of the shoot. Please be aware that these times are general time frames and are non contractual.

When do I need to pay?
Session fees are collected the day of your shoot. You are welcome to prepay for other services like prints and for the high resolution collection if you know in advance that you want them. Weddings and events are often scheduled far in advance and a non-refundable retainer is required to reserve your date.


What can I expect on the day of my wedding?

Well, number one is a fun and comfortable environment. I find that happy, relaxed brides and grooms tend to photograph better and that they really enjoy the experience. That means more fun and better pictures for you. We want to capture the REAL you and your REAL chemistry. I take a fun journalistic approach to your day as well as combining some classic portraiture that will stand the test of time.

Will you be the only photographer?

I may in some cases bring an assistant photographer to your wedding. It is wonderful to have the extra help and since I can't be two places at once, we often cover more ground and have two wonderful perspectives on your day. This in turn means more images to choose from and that we don't miss anything. There are no additional fees, the package pricing includes any assistant photography. Due to availability, additional photographers are not guaranteed but are rather a complimentary service provided at the discretion of Trish Strobehn Photography.

How do you figure your package pricing?

Pricing is a combination of many things. Hours of wedding coverage, number of locations, driving, additional equipment and the many hours of organizing and enhancing your wedding day images. If you need a custom package please feel free to contact me.


What should I wear?

I often encourage the couple to bring at least two outfits. One casual and one dressy. Is dressy a real word? This adds a more dynamic feel to the shoot as well as providing it to the images. Please dress as comfortable as possible, this will show through on the images as well as make for a more confident you.


Can he come too?

Yes, in fact often times it is nice to have the groom there as well. This makes for a less stressful wedding day and if done far enough in advance, these pictures are great to display at your actual wedding events. They are a supplement to, but do not replace your actual wedding photography. I still encourage bride and groom formals on the actual wedding day, because “there's nothing like the real thing baby!” There is something magical about you two on the actual wedding day that cannot be replicated or recreated.


What if my newborn is fussy during the photo session?

Having children of my own, I know how hard it is to capture them at the exact moment you want to capture them. I don't have strict time restraints on photographing your newborn and allow time for many feedings and baby care. A happy baby makes for a better image. I'm sure you would agree.

When is the best time to photograph my newborn?

This is up to you. I personally like to capture the newborn when they are the most newborn looking. I usually suggest to schedule your session no later than two weeks after birth. The best time tends to be right after their cord falls off but they still have that newborn look. This is usually anywhere from 10-14 days of age.


My child is afraid of the camera?

Kids are so exciting to photograph because their expressions are so genuine. Some of my favorite pictures are the ones capturing your child's personality. This can be tricky and I often find the less forceful and demanding we are of the child during “picture time” the more they open up and show their true personality. I often try and take pictures of the children while playing with them, since taking pictures can often times be stressful on your little one. However, I do not guarantee any amount of pictures for your youth session. The nature of your child is unpredictable and because of that I am very realistic and flexible with re-scheduling or refunding session fees.