This is a place for me to express myself as a photographer the way I see life. The blog will keep you updated on my latest happenings and will let you get to know me better. Enjoy!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Whitaker Family


Whitaker Family 167C2L


Whitaker Family 161CL    Whitaker Family 417CL

Whitaker Family 108C2L   Whitaker Family 089C2L

Whitaker Family 194C

 Whitaker Family 134C2L Whitaker Family 092CL

 Whitaker Family 346C2L Whitaker Family 398CL  

Whitaker Family 036C2L

 Whitaker Family 460PR Whitaker Family 057BWL

Whitaker Family 518CR Whitaker Family 524CLR

Friday, November 27, 2009

Bridal Sneak Peak

I am loving Katie!  She has the best attitude and an elegance like none other.  Here are just a few of all the great pics we captured together!  Enjoy!

Katie Bridals 166CR        Katie Bridals 036BWR Katie Bridals 064CR   

Katie Bridals 311CL 

Katie Bridals 216BWRKatie Bridals 026C Katie Bridals 085BWL   Katie Bridals 387CR  

Katie Bridals 203CTL

Katie Bridals 349CR  Katie Bridals 457CR 

Katie Bridals 117CR 

Katie Bridals 109CR  Katie Bridals 127CR  Katie Bridals 121CR 

Katie Bridals 170CR

Monday, November 23, 2009

Up Close With Connie

Connie May 2009 077CL

 Connie May 2009 094PLConnie May 2009 046BWL

David & Katie Engagements

I had so much fun shooting the fun couple David & Katie. They have so much personality and are totally perfect for one another. You can tell they are absolutely in love. One of the funnest shoots I have ever been on! Enjoy!

 David & Katie Engaged 354CL  David & Katie Engaged 257CTL

David & Katie Engaged 411PL

 David & Katie Engaged 522CL David & Katie Engaged 453CL  David & Katie Engaged 207CRL

 David & Katie Engaged 129PTL David & Katie Engaged 620PL 

David & Katie Engaged 613PTL

 David & Katie Engaged 262CL David & Katie Engaged 176CL

Saundra & Boys

Meet Saundra, Tyler and Austin. Saundra is my ultra talented sister in law who is also an amazing photographer ( We went out with her kids and so I got a few pics of her in action. I hope you enjoy!

 Saundra & Boys Nov 09 115PLSaundra & Boys Nov 09 130PLSaundra & Boys Nov 09 178PL

Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Wirig Family

I was able to assist my talented sister in law Saundra ( a photo shoot of the Matt & Janae Wirig Family! Yes, I used to be a Wirig and he is my ultra good looking brother! The kids were sooo good and we kept them picture happy with fun sounds and fruit snacks! In descending order... there is Brooklyn, Carter and Audrey....aren't they so cute!?

Matt Wirig Family 2009 120CL

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Leslie in Fun Fashion

I had the opportunity to assist in shooting the fabulous Leslie! She was fun and relaxed in front of the camera and she had tons of personality. Enjoy!

Leslie Townsquare 062CL Leslie Townsquare 126CL Leslie Townsquare 140BWL Leslie Townsquare 081CL