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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tyerra & Daniel - Las Vegas Engagement Photographer

What can I say? Two peas, one pod. She likes his laugh, he likes her smile. I had a great time shooting part two of their engagement session, if you look back to further posts you will see a few shots from our rained out engagement session last month. With so many great pictures to choose from I had to stop posting at some point. Can't wait to document their wedding coming up!


Saturday, April 2, 2011

Bridal Fun! - Las Vegas Wedding Photographer

Meet Jill....she is what can I say?......the calmest and easy going bride EVER!!! We set out to do her bridals and the wind was gusting away at 30mph. Now, typically I would re-schedule in this kind of weather but when a bride shows up all dressed up and even has a fabulous bouquet made for the occasion, there isn't much that can get in my way. We jumped from spot to spot trying to find "less windy" areas and even with a few hair piece fly aways and crazy gusts of wind Jill was just happy to be there. Check out this beautiful bride and start drooling, but be careful I wouldn't want the wind to blow it back onto your face ;)



Kristi & Bryan - Las Vegas Engagement Photographer

She's Kristi with an "I" and he's Bryan with a "Y." The most perfect way to introduce the latest engaged couple here on the blog. We set off in search of someplace green and found ourselves a foot deep in snow while exploring up at Mt. Charleston. With wet socks and a camera in tow...we managed to search out some fun spots to document their love. These two were very entertaining and such a fun loving couple....check out their beautifully fair skin and strawberry blonde hair....I can't wait to be able to photograph their wedding next month.