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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Anna’s 30th Surprise Party! – Las Vegas Event Photography

I love a well planned surprise party, but Anna’s 30th birthday bash really rocked!  First off, the whole gymnasium was packed, I don’t think I could have gotten this many people at my funeral let alone my birthday :) .…hahaha There were so many delectable sweets all over the room.  She had no idea about the party and was completely surprised when she walked through the doors.  Priceless!  I love the picture of her mom hugging her below in black & white….my fav!  Enjoy the pics and don’t forget to keep an eye out for Anna riding her brand new cherry red Schwinn tricycle. 


Anna Turns Thirty 031  Anna Turns Thirty 024Anna Turns Thirty 028 Anna Turns Thirty 075Anna Turns Thirty 077  Anna Turns Thirty 332bLAnna Turns Thirty 196LAnna Turns Thirty 213LAnna Turns Thirty 015LAnna Turns Thirty 207LAnna Turns Thirty 054L Anna Turns Thirty 317LAnna Turns Thirty 318LAnna Turns Thirty 006LAnna Turns Thirty 357LAnna Turns Thirty 403LAnna Turns Thirty 433bLAnna Turns Thirty 328LAnna Turns Thirty 517L

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Twins are Born! – Las Vegas Event Photographer!

I was lucky enough to be invited into the room for some sweet baby time.  My big sis had a set of boy and girl twins!!!  Hooray!  What I would give to be able to get a two for the price of one pregnancy…..can we say jealous?!?  Pregnancy is not my favorite part of the birthing experience.  Baby boy weighed 7lb 12 oz and baby girl weighed 6lb 14 oz….yeah that’s right, my big sis carried the equivalent of a 14 1/2 lb baby!  The best part is that she looks great because she is so beautiful and she didn’t even have any makeup on.  Enjoy the pictures of the two newest 2010 tax deductions!  Love you guys!

Owen Twins 021L Owen Twins 152LOwen Twins 167LOwen Twins 175LOwen Twins 044LOwen Twins 144LOwen Twins 131LOwen Twins 077LOwen Twins 107L Owen Twins 163LaOwen Twins 087 (2)L Owen Twins 188LOwen Twins 168LOwen Twins 038LOwen Twins 125LOwen Twins 172LOwen Twins 130LOwen Twins 135LOwen Twins 102L

Saturday, December 18, 2010

My baby of my babies turns twelve months! – Las Vegas Portrait Photographer

Couldn’t resist posting this super cute pic of my little girl after she woke up from a nap this past October!  Love!

Tessa 12 MonthsL

Monday, December 13, 2010

Todd & Amy – Las Vegas Wedding Photographer

Meet Todd & Amy!  They just tied the knot at the Lake Club at Lake Las Vegas!  What an awesome wedding! They have a connection like none other.  You can see it in their eyes with every glance.  This happy couple managed to throw a beautiful wedding with heartfelt toasts and hilarious activities mixed with a few tearjerkers ……. (sigh).  I really enjoyed the fact that when talking and planning with Amy, it was important for her to not feel rushed and enjoy their time together.  This set the tone for the entire day so that I could be there to capture the real moments.  Thanks so much for making me part of the family you guys!  Live it up in Jamaica, Man! You deserve it!

005L 011L 002L009L 010L  012L 028L 020L 027L 016L 025L   018L  014L Todd & Amy 1373L 019L 008L 001L 034L  Todd & Amy 1371L  033L029L