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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The S Family – Las Vegas Portrait Photography

Say hello to my little friends…..haha!  Meet the S family, they are amazing and beautiful!  Mom S and I had been plotting this shoot for a while and we were having the hardest time pinning down a date because of the recent bad weather.  Anyways, we decided last minute that today was the day and so we headed out of town to do a family photo shoot at the dry lake beds.  Trust me folks, it was not as warm as it looks and the wind started to pick up towards the end.  However, despite the bad weather, we managed to get a few great family pics with everyone looking!  Enjoy the thanksgiving feast for your eyes!

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Friday, November 19, 2010

Twin baby shower! – Las Vegas Event Photographer

Ok Ok personal post time.  My awesome older sister (who looks younger than me by the way :) is pregnant with twins!  That’s right TWINS!!  The best part is that one is a girl and one is a little boy!   So me and my sister in law had an fun time throwing a shower in both colors blue and pink!  With great food and even greater people, we partied it up on a beautiful November evening.  We were in such a hurry at the end that I was barely able to snap off a few pictures.  Check it out…….. it was a lot of fun.  p.s. a big shout out to Limelight Wedding & Events for their help in making this shower perfect in the details.

001L 009L 006L 004L   011L008  002L 012L010L

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Urban Engagement Session – Las Vegas Wedding Photographer

Meet Amy & Todd.  We had a great time playing in downtown Las Vegas for their engagement session.  These two compliment each other perfectly.  They can be silly, serious, funny and shy all at the same time.  The best part is how easy they were to photograph.  They followed my direction when needed, but most of the time they ended up in the right spot all on their own.  Feast your eyes on this good looking couple and let the pictures do all the talking.  Enjoy!

Amy & Todd e-session 019L Amy & Todd e-session 078L Amy & Todd e-session 085L Amy & Todd e-session 100L Amy & Todd e-session 095LAmy & Todd e-session 149L Amy & Todd e-session 103L Amy & Todd e-session 116L Amy & Todd e-session 113L Amy & Todd e-session 145L Amy & Todd e-session 165L Amy & Todd e-session 293L Amy & Todd e-session 320L  Amy & Todd e-session 309L

Family Session! – Las Vegas Portrait Photographer

Rey and Lalane Family 144LRey and Lalane Family 058L  Rey and Lalane Family 165L Rey and Lalane Family 078LRey and Lalane Family 129L  Rey and Lalane Family 202LRey and Lalane Family 212L Rey and Lalane Family 256a1LRey and Lalane Family 233aL 

Rey and Lalane Family 278LRey and Lalane Family 272L

Rey and Lalane Family 092L